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Building and strengthening marginalized communities in the African Diaspora

Empowering children-youth-girls-women-single mothers


 Innovative and measurable

Who we are

CBINN Foundation empowers individuals in African Diaspora communities and rebuilds flouring communities to become interdepent and purposeful.

Activities are aimed to unleash the potential of children, youth, mothers and women of African Descendents.

Education, economic growth and personal development and consistency are key to the paradigm shift needed for pychological and social stability, mind prosperity and well-being of African Diaspora communities and neighborhoods.

The right to self development

Everyone has the right to self-determination, self-organization and self-development. A right to freedom, joy, happiness and expansion. A right to fulfil definiteness of purpose.
Structural marginalization disrupts the flow of development.

CBINN Foundation was founded on October 25 2012, to reset African Diaspora communities and gradually move from poverty to prosperity. 

Strengthen your family

Build your community


The CBINN Foundation is well aware of the uphill challenges faced by African communities. Massive displacements from the African continent to various parts of the world maintained for too long, ran too deep and too broad, created different stages of psychological transformations.

Reprocussios are still felt in the everyday lives in all African Diaspora societies around the world. 

The self-image of children, youth and women of African Descendents has been compromised

with detrimental effects on thinking levels of e.g. attaining success in education and a place in the world.

It is therefore of urgency that the

learnt-community within the African Diaspora communities and other sympathizers be actively involved to help change the narrative in African Diaspora communities from a glass half empty to a half full glass.

The process of reinventing ones self could be challenging. Reintegration in a new country means sometimes, assuming a new language and culture for a second or third time.

CBINN knows no borders. Our goal is to continue to expand our network to reach Africa Diaspora communities in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Processes begin with a community-building

Five-step Plan in collaboration with already established organisations.

Our expertise in the languages English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamento and French (Patwa)


Send us an email to Cbinnfoundation@cbinn.eu

Our Five-Step Plan

Working within the framework of a Five-Step Plan to rebuild African Diaspora communities requires collaborative efforts and utilization of all assets in that community. Building sub-systems complementary to existing municipality programmes involves the creation a network of experts of Africans and organisations who take on the responsibilities of strengthening the weak.

It ensures that everyone is committed to the improvements of living conditions of all in the community, leaving no one behind.

Governmental/Municipalities and the social infrastructures

can play a major role in African Diaspora commuities.

Municipalities programmes are designed for mainstream living, however, the African Descendents need an additional self expressive

approach to giving meaning to their own lives. 

Existing municipal systems or programs are well designed for the average citizen participation and integregation. 

However, African Descendents bring added value through cultural expressions, languages, unique talents and ideas.

Working together with governmental agencies many structural solutions can be implemented by setting up sub-systems which offer continuity and resiliency. Programs also benefit communities-at-large.

Future Kidz Akadimya

After School Activities

where children use creativity and imagination to create whatever their minds desire. 

STEM  Art Music Homework

stimulate critical thinking

and forms a strong character.

Where there is no



creative imagination

and visualisation, 

people will perish.


Women are in a unique position to bring lasting and positive change to any economy. Particularly women with no formal education have good management and financial skills. Single mothers are the sole providers of their families are creative and resourceful. Discovering, developing and utilizing hidden talents allows for self-expression and valuable contributions to society. Personal growth, increased self-esteem and positive role model in the homes inspire emulation.

Women of African Descent categorize talents, ideas and dreams which are income-generating. 

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