CBINN is a non-profit organisation founded on October 25 2012 with the aim to eradicate poverty in African communities in the Diaspora and on the African Continent.

In collaboration with the local government, local actors and partners worldwide,

we design long-term sustainable and concrete programs to improve social and economic conditions and increase skills that promote independence and self determination. 

We empower women, girls children, youth who experience every day challenges and design, implement and execute programs that benefit the entire community to uplift and add more value to lives.

Increasing skills, strenghtening communities, building villages one block at a time mean  the participation of  all people regardless of economic and education background making sure that everyone is an agent of change in his and her own surroundings.

Our motto:

Where there is no



creative imagination 

and visualisation, 

people will perish.

Let's Be Constructive and Productive

Together as one Community

We at CBINN believe that community abundance begins when people's needs and deficiencies are met. Together with the community we build a strong foundation from inside-0ut.

In our asset-based development approach for community-building we collaborate with local government, existing organizations, utilize, enhance and expand talents, release individual capacities and mobilize the community to become agents of change, keeping in mind the adherance to cultures and traditions without violating the human rights of others. 


  • Education (girls and women)
  • Healthcare (women and children)
  • Food security & Nutrition
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Energy
  • Transportation

In addition, sports and culture play an important role in youth development.

Young people bring a lot of energy and creativitity to building a community.

Cataloguing dreams, desires and talents, and match with existing community leaders, the youths as a very important asset are not lost. 

Local Governments are in partnership with the community and businesses.

Investing in citizens problem-solving, community plans and the local economy, the local government effective role as public servants is fulfilled. Together, all parties understand how the community resources can be allocated to better serve the people and regenerate the economy.

In turn improved social and economic infrastructure can be built and lives are uplifted.

Our programs are innovative and measurable

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Building poor communities from ground zero is a daunting but rewarding task.

International partners sharing knowledge and expertise is key.

Our WISHLIST gives a clear indication of what is needed to build a basic foundation.

A list for medical equipment and supplies is also available HERE.

Thank you!